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Mujahid Alam29th March 2010
Dear Sirs

1)I am writing on the behalf of RMM Group of industries (which include
RMM Leather Industries Ltd., RMM Fashion Wear Ltd., RMM Knit Clothing
Ltd., RMM Integrated Agro Industries Ltd., Linkers Sweaters Ltd and
Tex Bay Ltd).

We are interested in the rice/wheat staw pulp unit with a production capacity of 10tonnes/day.

Please send us detailed specifications (including size, electricity consumption, required raw materials, required labor etc) and a pro-forma invoice for the plant.

We are very interested in this and wish to start production as soon as possible (within 6 months)

2)The 10mt/day Straw of the Flow Diagram has seen by us.(Attached)

We want similler.

3)Please the info for the pulp for mentioned :

1.The Pulp all machines COMPLETE should be supplied .Boiler Fired coal etc

2. Details of machinery ,photos

3. Price: C&F Bangladesh or FOB for idea weight machinery.

4.Effluent treatment

5 Area and Building factory

6 Chemical Raw Material and bleaching chemical.

Thanking you will the URGENTLY

Architect Mujahid Alam Choudhury
Apt 5A, Road 13/A, House 13
Dhanmondi R/A 1205
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone Number: 880-2-8114903
Cell Number: 880-1716045908
Олег14th January 2010
Здравствуйте!Наша компания преобрела полное оборудование ZY-1760. Мы нуждаемся в установке, пусконаладке. Подскажите кто может это организовать. С уважением Л.Олег
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vasko12th October 2009

We like packing liquid soap, shampoo, liquid dishwash detergent and etc. with SLYB-I machines.
Pleace send me more informations and give me the price.
This machine seals and "Harbin Saide Hi-tech.Co." and another company. I am confused. Who products this machine?
Give me fear answer, please.

best regards
Vasko Evkoski
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Darwin Ng4th August 2009
To Who May Concern,

We, are planning to set a paper mill.

Thus, we need to buy the equipment for processing it.

We went through the set of machine and amused with the products we can produce.

We need a budget for it.

May you please send us the quatation of setting up the mill, with one set of the equipment?

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Darwin Ng
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