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ZMS production line
1) Variety of products
This equipment affords to produce various-shaped products that can be used as inner packing for various consumables (food, such as eggs, fruits, bottled wine, canned products; for utensils, glass products such as glasses, glass instruments, lamps, photo frames, ceramics, plastics, handicraft etc.
2) The products are environmentally friendly
The production line uses pulp as raw materials, the finished product, i.e. dried paper tray has chemical content similar to this of paper and can be easily recycled. If you burn the products, then environmentally safe remains will do no harm.
3) Safety and usability 
PLC controlled full production cycle, the computers secure high level of automation, safety and reliability. Convenient layout, good design, usability and long lasting time of exploitation are important features of this line .
4) Small investments in capital construction
The line has 4 main sections, including molding section, pulp preparation section, pulp feeding section and drying section.
5) Small operation area ZMS production line – 180m2.
6) Few stuff is required
The production run is very short, that’s why no more than 6 workers are required for one shift

Section N Name Sрecifications Unit. Amount
Main machine section 1 Automatic main machine ZMS Set 1
2 Mold   set 1
3 Vacuum pump ZBK11 set 1
4 Air compressor 3W-2.2/7-C set 1
Pulp supplying Section 5 Pulp making machine 1CBM stand set 1
6 Sieve   set 1
7 Stirrer   set 1
8 Thick pulp plant ZBJ1 set 1
9 Power cabinet   set 1
10 Deep well pump XQ-50 set 2
11 Waste water pump (2.5”) set 1
Drying section 12 Automatic drying tunnel CTM-II set 1
Other 13 Inner connection parts   set 1
14 Pneumatic ball valve Dg 80 set 1
15 Pneumatic ball valve Dg 25 set 1
16 Pneumatic ball valve Dg 32 set 1
17 Cleaner   set 1
                    Main Unit ZMS               Thermal forging press

Specifications for main ZMS sections
Pulp preparation section: Pulper (with motor 7.5 kW), max productivity 80 kg/hour.
Molding section: Main unit, die mold (shown in the table)
Model Pulp vessel's 
Number of trays made for one run
molding Cycle (sec)
egg tray 320х240 tray 320х480 bottle tray Apple Tray Canned food tray
ZMS 1.48 900x460 3 3 2 3 3 11

ZMS main unit
Basic specifications: High automated line(Full computer control)
Power: 76.5 kW Max molding area : 1200х460mm
Production area: 180 m2
Production cycle: 11-15 sec (adjustable)
Daily productivity: 15000 pcs. (egg trays)
Thermal forging press
Main specifications:
It is used for plastic added paper and pure paper
Size: 400x500mm
Operation method: pneumatics.
Period of cycling - 5 seconds.
Energy consumption: 9 kW
Air compressor: Compression value on ZMS (engine 22 kW) 3 m3/min.
Vacuum pump: 3 Engine - 11 kW,
Max productivity 6.5 m3 /min, final vacuum 9.33*10 4pA.
Drying section Drying stove:drying tonnel

ZMS production line workflow
Layout for ZMS
Raw materials (pulp) –paper laying device – thick pulp vessel– vibroselector- petty pulp vessel – ZMS main unit - drying tunnel– output – press (die mold) – final products 

Our equipment uses recycled wasted paper, cardboard, carton, etc as raw material and it can make any kind of trays, such as egg trays, bottle trays (for bear, medicine, juice...), electric spare part trays, fruit trays (for apple, orange....) etc. Just need to change the moulds, but how many moulds are suitable? That depends on your request, our price list includes one set of moulds for 30 cavities egg tray, If you want to make the egg box (tray with cover), you need another set of molds.

The pulp molding equipment needs a boiler that connects with the drying system to supply heat (energy) to increase the temperature of the drying system in order to dry the product (egg tray). The price list of our equipment does not include the boiler. We have several types of boilers that include diesel oil boiler, electrical boiler, and coal boiler to meet your local condition. Please kindly let us know what type of boiler do you need and we will quote it for you

 Composition of ZMG pulp molding line
ZMG pulp molding line consists of 7 large construction systems:
1. Pulping system
2. Molding machine
3. Auxiliary equipment for molding machine
4. Dryer (Drying chamber)
5. Hot pressing machine
6. Heating equipment